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A Connected Grande Prairie

Sustainability and Livability are essential. But connection is the primary principle I want to see strengthened in Grande Prairie. I want us to have lots of opportunity to meet and get to know our neighbours. I want to see non-profits thrive so we can come together as volunteers and connect with the causes we care about. I want to see the City of Grande Prairie be connected in healthy ways with its municipal neighbours. And I want to see Council connected with you so that you know what it is talking about and know you have real influence on its decisions. 

In a connected city:

  • We know our neighbours
  • We have opportunities to make friends throughout the city
  • We know what is going on in our community
  • We say “I’m going home” when we come to GP—no matter where we grew up
  • We have freedom, resources, and partners to pursue the causes we are passionate about
  • We know what our government is up to
  • We know that our input influences government decisions

To foster a connected city, I support:

  • Systems which involve citizens in major Council decisions. This includes making budget and operational information easy to find and digest.
  • Greater effort put into engaging young people in our community.
  • Partnerships with strategic non-profits who have strong community support and sensible business plans
  • Development of community park, recreation, and meeting spaces
  • Development and implementation of community mobility plans to encourage walkable communities
  • Continued support of Neighbourhood Associations

Connection is important because it creates the type of community we all want to live in. It also creates a community which is attractive for others to move to, invest in, and shop, learn or play at. Connection is one of the best tools we have for crime prevention and mental health. It is a principle that is essential if we want to have strong partnerships with out municipalities in our region. Finally, a connected Council is one that knows its city well enough to make decisions that enhance sustainability and livability.

Let me know what you think a sustainable, livable, and connected city looks like. Join a GP Round Table discussion online or in person. Details are here.

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