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At the end of 2017, our family had an awesome time in San Diego! This was our first ever family vacation, and it was a doozey.

Our trip down began with an overnight layover. We told the boys that we were flying for a single night in Calgary. The next morning, we told them the plan. Here is their response:

Below is a slideshow of our best pictures. If you view it on a tablet or computer there are captions (they won't show on most phones)

We surprised the boys with a night in the Legoland Hotel- this was what they got most excited about for the whole trip. They loved the incredibly themed room. They loved mounds and mounds of lego to play with in the lobby. They loved the decorated restauraunt. They loved the giant whoopie cushion on the carpet near the elevator (you jump on it and it makes noises). But actually riding the elevator was their favourite part of the stay:

Legoland rides were great. Toby claims he was brave on them all. But I'm not so sure...

The boys recounting their highlights of the trip inside the San Diego airport.