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Current Cannabis Bylaws

I’ve had a few people ask me about laws surrounding the legalization of cannabis. Below are the highlights as I understand them. Any mistakes or omissions belong to me, not to Council or City staff.

An important note: Council has ordered a review of all municipal bylaws one year after legalization. At that time we will examine the impacts this has had in our community and potentially make adjustments to local regulation.

Locations for Cannabis Businesses

Highlights of Provincial and Federal Regulation

  • Requirements for securing facilities include alarms, video surveillance, and very strong storage areas in retail locations

  • Prohibition of minors, even when accompanied by adults

  • Store interiors cannot be visible from the street

  • Signage cannot promote sale to minors, intoxication, health effects, sports, or cultural events

  • Retailers can only purchase cannabis from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC)

  • 100m buffer between cannabis retailers and schools and provincial health care facilities

  • Cannabis retailers cannot sell alcohol, tobacco, or pharmaceuticals

  • Cannabis consumption is banned on the premises of a retailer


Highlights of Additional City Regulations

  • Cannabis Retail Stores listed as Discretionary Use with City staff having approval authority in Central Commercial, General Commercial, Arterial Commercial, Industrial Business, and General Industrial districts.

  • Cannabis Retails stores listed as Discretionary Use with Council's Infrastructure & Protective Services Committee having approval authority in Local Commercial and Commercial Transition districts.

  • Set the following buffers between Cannabis Retail Stores and other Land Uses:

    • Elementary Schools: 150m

    • High Schools: 300m

    • Provincial Health Care Facilities: 100m

    • Addiction Treatment Facilities: 100m

    • Liquor Stores: 10m

  • A limit of 3 Cannabis Retail Stores in any 360m radius

  • In the Central Commercial District (ie: downtown), have a minimum separation distance of 180m between stores facing the same street

  • Set a 200m buffer between Cannabis Production and Distribution Facilities and the following

    • Residential Land Use Districts

    • Schools

    • Addiction Treatment Facilities

  • Require Cannabis Production and Distribution Facilities to install air filtration systems to minimize odor impacts on adjacent properties

Cannabis Business Licensing

Highlights of Provincial and Federal Regulation

  • All cannabis business locations require licenses and strict oversite by the AGLC

  • Mandatory background checks for owners and workers. No licenses given to applicants linked to organized crime or drug crimes.

  • All staff must take a 4-6 hour AGLC course

  • Sales data must be reported to the AGLC monthly

  • Cannabis retailers may only be open from 10am - 2am


Highlights of Additional City Regulations

  • Retailers must provide the City with quarterly reports on their volume of cannabis sales

  • Cannabis Production and Distribution Facilities must pay the City a licensing fee of $500

  • Cannabis Retail Stores must pay the City a licensing fee of $2500

  • Limit Cannabis Retail Store hours to 10:00am - 12:00am

  • Only one Cannabis Retail business license per corporate entity will be issued

Personal (ie: At Home) Cultivation

Highlights of Provincial and Federal Regulations

  • A limit of four plants per residence

  • Prohibition on dangerous manufacturing proccesses

  • Reasonable measures taken to prevent theft and youth access


Highlights of Additional City Regulation

A municipal Cannabis Production Permit will be required for home cultivation.


Highlights of Federal and Provincial Regulation

Consumption prohibited:

  • in vehicles

  • inside cannabis retail outlets

  • on school or hospital properties

  • within 4m of skate parks, outdoor pools, spray parks, and playgrounds


Highlights of Additional City Regulation

Consumption prohibited:

  • in any area or place that smoking is prohibited by provincial law, municipal law, or a public sign

  • on 101 Ave or 100 Ave between 102 St & 98 St (ie: on our main streets downtown).

  • within a 30m of the following

    • recreation facilities

    • public parks

    • parades

    • outdoor special events unless in a defined area specifically set aside for cannabis use by the event organizer

    • where children are playing or congregating

    • the entrance to a movie theatre

  • in a manner and/or proximity that is adversely affecting another person