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A busy but great 3 days at home!

Today I was door knocking. One woman had a small dog fence across her front step. Being tall and somewhat spry, I stepped over it to ring the doorbell. She commented "I like having someone young enough to do that running for Council." We had a great conversation, then I turned to leave. The hop down was bigger than the hop up. I tripped and fell down her steps. I got up slightly embarrassed, but laughing and unhurt. I hope I can show her my mind is more nimble than my body!

I got back to town late Thursday night (checkout my last blog post to see where I was). It has been a busy three days. Here's some of what I've been up to:

  •  knocked on 102 doors
  •  went to the "Wheel n On" event in support of the Wolverines Wheelchair Sport Association
  • went through the newest disc golf course in South Bear Creek Park to talk improvements
  •  volunteered with the United Way selling tickets at the 1000 Villages Food Festival
  •  toured a potential new disc golf course in Evergreen Park to talk development
  •  did some campaign writing and phone calls done
  •  caught up on some work and emails for my board position with the Avondale Neighbourhood Association
  •  looked after and played with my young sons plus got started back at work while unpacking from a few weeks away

It's been a tiring few days. But also a great few days. I love working hard for this community. Whether I get elected or not, I look forward to my future work on behalf of GP. A big thank you to everyone who is doing this work with me