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My Commitment to Being Connected

I will work hard to connect with with our community. Council needs to hear from you so that we can build a sustainable, livable, and connected city together.

If elected, my top priority will be connecting with our community.

I want to help shape a transparent Council. People deserve to know what those who represent them are up to. I want to make it easy for citizens to find out what we are doing.

I also want to help shape a responsive Council. I want to help my fellow Councillors listen to the stories, issues, and ideas people have. Interactions with citizens should shape Council decisions.

Because I value connection, my campaign is going to be about conversation. I will be connecting with as many people as I can to hear what they need and want from city government. I’ll host regular round-tables, be active on social media, and will be knocking on thousands of doors. My pledge is to not stop if I am elected. After the election, you won’t find me knocking on your door (because let’s be honest, that would be obnoxious). But I will still work hard to keep the conversation going.

So ask me some hard questions now. Ask me even harder questions if I get elected. Whether I am elected or not, stay engaged. By working together we can make a sustainable, livable, and connected Grande Prairie

Let me know what you think a sustainable, livable, and connected city looks like. Join a GP Round Table discussion online or in person. Details are here. Or you can contact me directly by clicking here.

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