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The GP Round Table is an opportunity to meet the other engaged people in our community. To hear their perspectives and share your own. To come together and discuss, collaborate, and even argue constructively.

Below are some ways that you can join the conversation. 


With hundreds of members and many active conversations, the GP Round Table group on Facebook is an excellent place to talk. Share ideas, comment on articles, and ask questions to people who have answers. Checkout the group by clicking here


Online conversation is great. But face-to-face connection is critical. In addition to hosting an online Group, I will also be hosting some live events. Check back here or follow my Facebook page for details.


I'll be sharing some of my thoughts on several blogs I am maintaining. You can find more information on my homepage. Whether you agree or disagree with my ideas, I hope you will let me know what you think. You can also use my thoughts to start a conversation with your friends online or in person.

A NOTE ABOUT OTHER COUNCILLORS: As a whole, Council is very committed to engaging with citizens. However, we all have different ways of doing so. And this is a good thing- it allows us to hear from diverse voices. The GP Round Table came out of my campaign and has worked great for my community involvement. I am a very active participant in it. You will likely see other Councillors and the Mayor occasionally dropping in (they are always invited). But they won't be as involved in the GP Round Table as I am- they are focusing on their own methods of engagement. I have full confidence that my colleagues are working just as hard as I am to talk to our community.

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