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Upcoming Decisions

I want you to know what Council is discussing. This is your right. It will also allow you to let me know your thoughts so that I can make informed decisions. 

I'll be experimenting with the best ways to engage and solicit input from citizens. I am very open to feedback and ideas.

For now, I plan to post here when agendas for upcoming meetings are released. I'll give a bit of commentary about what is on them. I will also let you know if there are votes I am going back-and-forth on so that you can help inform my decision. 

This blog will be forward-focused. I will be talking about what Council is about to discuss. I also have an "updates" blog where I will be discussing what Council has already decided on.

Our first Council meeting will be on November 6. The following week we will be taking three days to dig into the budget. Check back here for more information.