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Coming Up: April 22

Council meets Monday night at 6:30. The most interesting agenda items:

  • Council meeting times: proposals for a new schedule to make decision making more efficient.

  • Elders Caring Shelter land

  • Destruction of municipal records

  • 2018 financial statements

Following is more information and my take on agenda items.

As always, any mistakes or opinions belong to me and me alone, not to Council or City staff.

While I express my current views below, I always go into meetings ready to listen and with an open mind. I learn new information and participate in debate. This always informs and sometimes changes how I vote on issues.

If you would like to watch the meeting or read any of its supporting material for yourself, you can do so by clicking here. The City will post the highlights of Council’s decisions here.

Elders Caring Shelter

The Elders Caring Shelter was opened in 2003 by Metis Local 1990. This is a transitional housing facility for men and women over 55. It houses up to 16 individuals. Metis Local paid to build the shelter, but is it on City owned land.

Last year, Metis Local approached the City asking for help in creating another Caring Shelter.

In December, Council approved the purchase of land located at 9706 and 9708 100 Ave. It will be given to Metis Local, which will enter a loan agreement to repay the City with interest. This lot is attached to a section of public land that was previously set aside for road expansion. Since then, plans have changed: the expansion is no longer needed. On Monday, Council will be debating a bylaw that will close this road section and consolidate it with the land previously purchased.

I intend to vote in favour of this bylaw. Additional supportive housing is a big need in our community, and the Elders Caring Shelter does good work.


Municipal Records Destruction

The City maintains large amounts of records relating to all departments. Storing these requires a large amount of space and resources. Every year, Legislative Services destroys records which are no longer needed. Council approval is required for this destruction to take place. Click here to see the proposed list for this year. I intend to vote in favour of this destruction.

Audited Financial Statements

The 2018 financials are complete and have received a full audit by Fletcher Mudryk LLP. The statements can be read here.

Due to some technical challenges, I have not yet read these statements. However, I have a couple of hours on Monday afternoon set aside to review them. I do not expect to find any concerns or major questions within them. I’ll likely be voting to approve these financials.

Something these financials showed: in 2018, the City had a surplus of $1,640,000. Council will need to decide what to do with this. The recommendation it received is to put the surplus into the Financial Stabilization Reserve. I do believe some should go into this reserve. However, I’m also considering suggesting that some be designated towards supportive housing and shelter initiatives

I’d love to hear from you: where do you think the surplus should go?

Council Meeting Times

Management is suggesting meeting time changes which would potentially improve the flow of Council decision making and use staff time more efficiently

Right now, Council meets every second Monday night at 6:30pm.

Their suggestion is to hold Council meetings every other Monday starting at 3:00pm. Committee business and a few other agenda items would be conducted. There would be a recess for dinner. Then public delegations and public hearings would be held in the evening.

In addition to its regular meetings, Council also works through three Standing Committees. Two of these meet on alternating Tuesday mornings, one meets every other Tuesday afternoons.

Management is also suggesting that all Standing Committee meetings be moved to the Tuesday mornings when Council is not meeting. Having all committees meet at the same time will make it easier for Council and City staff to attend.

This Monday, Council will only be hearing a report from management. It won’t be making any decisions. I’ll go in with an open mind. However, right now: I am very supportive of the committee meetings all being moved to the same morning- this will make us much more efficient. But I am skeptical of Council meetings starting at 3:00pm- I am afraid that starting in the afternoon will make them less accessible to the public.

That’s what is on our agenda for Monday. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

You can comment below. Or, you can contact me at or 780-402-4166. I'm happy to talk online or over the phone. I'm also always willing to setup a time to meet for coffee.

We also always have great conversation in the GP Round Table group on Facebook.

After Council meeting, you will be able to find highlights posted by the City here.

Thanks for reading!