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Coming Up: May 21

Council meets Tuesday. We start at 3:00pm and there will be a mid-meeting adjournment. We will start again at 6:00pm for Delegations and Public Hearings.

This meeting has a very light agenda. We’ll be appointing Weed Inspectors and Board Members for the Downtown Association. The only other business has to do with a new land development on the west side of the City.

Kensington is a neighbourhood under development. When it was first planned, no school boards asked for land within it. However, recently more residential land was approved just to the north of Kensington. This has led school boards to re-evaluate what they will need in that part of the City. They have asked for more sites to build future schools on. Administration is recommending that Council approve re-designating a central green space in Kensington from a community park to a school.

Below is a map of the proposed development. The red star marks the subject site.


I currently intend to support this proposal: we need ample space for future students, and I see no issues with this plan.

That’s our agenda for Tuesday.

If you would like to watch the meeting or read any of its supporting material for yourself, you can do so by clicking here. The City will post the highlights of Council’s decisions here.

You can comment below. Or, you can contact me at or 780-402-4166. I'm happy to talk online or over the phone. I'm also always willing to setup a time to meet for coffee.

We also always have great conversation in the GP Round Table group on Facebook.

After Council meeting, you will be able to find highlights posted by the City here.

Thanks for reading!