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Council Meeting, Nov 6

We have our first official City Council Meeting on Monday. It is a relatively light agenda- check it out here. Below is a quick runthrough of what we will be discussing.

On Tuesday, we will have the first meetings of the Community Living and Corporate Services Committees. I am excited for these as they will begin with their respective Directors giving an overview of all the departments they supervise.

The following week we will really dive into the job as Council holds three days of budget deliberations. Check back here late next week to get a look at what we will be discussing.

Council Agenda

Delegations: Three delegations have said they will be presenting to Council. One will be Evergreen Park making a funding request (I don't know for how much or what for). A likely outcome is for this request to be referred to the following weeks' budget deliberations. Speaking of delegations, did you know that you are always welcome to present to Council? Information on how to do that can be found at the bottom of this page.

Appointments: We will be making appointments to a number of positions. One I am particularly excited to make: Susan Walker to the role of Corporate Services Director. She has been acting in this role for a short time. I have been incredibly impressed by her.

That's our business for Monday. Like I said, our first agenda is light. I am very open to any feedback or comments on what we will be discussing. But I don't expect there to be too much for this meeting. As we get into more contentious discussions, I'll be posting them here. So please check back often.