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Coming Up: Jan 28

Coming Up: Jan 28

Council meets Monday night at 6:30. On the agenda:

  • Bear Creek North: a proposed high level plan for development on the north side of the City

  • Grande Prairie Storm: requests for City assistance including a temporary reduction in rent and an interest bearing loan

  • Aquatera Rates: a proposed reduction in solid waste rates and increase to water and waste water rates

  • Extended Producer Responsibility: an advocacy initiative to transfer the cost of consumer waste from municipal tax payers to producers

Following is more information and my take on agenda items.

Coming Up: Jan 14

Coming Up: Jan 14

Council meets Monday night at 6:30.

The most significant agenda item: Council is currently pursuing a debt refinancing strategy which will impact our community for decades. Council may pass the bylaw which enables refinancing on Monday. I am strongly opposed to the current plans and hope Council will hear more from the community before debate (both from people who are for and against it).

Other agenda items include:

  • Sign Bylaw Ammendments: among other things these would increase the allowable size of billboards and allow limited third parting advertising on electronic freestanding signs

  • Neighbourhood Enhancement Grants and Community Group Funding: Council will be discussing amounts to award to local organisations for community projects

  • Aquatera Dividends for 2018

Additionally, on Tuesday the Community Living Committee will be discussing the Grande Prairie Storm and possible City assistance.

Following is more information and my take on agenda items.