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My name is Dylan Bressey and I am running for Grande Prairie City Council.

I've been knocking on doors (over 2600 so far!), attending community events, and observing Council meetings. I've also been very active online. I'm working hard to get to know Grande Prairie. So thanks for taking the time to get to know me! I've written about lots of nuts-and-bolts issues such as taxes and homelessness- checkout "policies" in the menu. But the main topic I am talking about is creating a Connected Grande Prairie. I have created many opportunities for you to join the conversation. 

To find me on Facebook, click here. Checkout the GP Round Table for opportunities to talk to others in our community. You can read my latest thoughts on my blog. To contact me in other ways, click here.

I hope we get a chance to connect! -Dylan

“I would like to see Dylan on Council because I know that that he would put in 110%. I’ve seen this in his commitment to his job at Young Life, working crazy hours with local youth. I’ve also seen what he can accomplish in our community with some of the projects he has taken on such as being instrumental in the approval and fundraising of our disc golf courses in the Grande Prairie area. Dylan has shown strong leadership skills in every group that I have see him be a part of and I know he would bring that to the table at city council. Lastly, Dylan is thoughtful and knowledgeable about our community. I’ve chatted with him many times about specific issues in Grande Prairie and he always has responded in ways that have made me understand the issue deeper and provided options on how to improve the situation further. I would encourage anyone to strike up a conversation with Dylan about what concerns them in our community.”
— Shaun Mittelstaedt, General Manager, Foremost LP
“In my experience there are people that are caring during every interaction you have with them. Then there are people like Dylan Bressey that go beyond interactions and work tirelessly to meet the needs of people through well informed advocacy. The City of Grande Prairie would greatly benefit from the council of Dylan. I have seen first hand Dylan’s leadership and the difference it makes in peoples lives. That’s why it’s easy for me to recommend Dylan Bressey for City Council.”
— Jaron Flett, Youth Worker, Mountain Plains Community Services
“Dylan Bressey has been making outstanding contributions to his community since he was a teen. Having known Dylan from his infancy, I am happy to recognize his work ethic, trustworthiness and solid family man status. Voting for Dylan will reward you with the most dedicated City Council member you could wish for. I respect and admire Dylan’s can-do attitude, his people skills and intelligence.”
— Bev Boyden, Litigation Paralegal

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