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Naomi and I are celebrating our 13th anniversary this year. We have two wonderful boys; Theou (7) and Toby (5). I also resentfully own a cat (Prestly) and proudly keep a 90 gallon aquarium (too many names to list). Our entire family loves eating together, watching magic shows on TV, and playing on the big orange playground in Avondale Park. Me and the boys love getting out into Muskoseepi Park to play disc golf.


One of my go-to questions to ask when I MC events: "share with your group your favourite sport and tell them why it is disc golf." I am passionate about disc golf. I love the feel of a disc leaving my hand and knowing it will hit chains. I love challenging myself to be better.  I love being outside. And I love doing something with friends.

In the winter I dream about disc golf by putting art onto discs. I also spend too much time tending to my aquarium, reading whatever sci-fi book I can get, playing board games, roasting coffee, and making other adult beverages from scratch.


I spent most of my career as Young Life Area Director. I love doing something that I know is vital to our community. I love seeing programs I have built flourish. I love seeing the teens I have mentored grow into young leaders. I also love the occasional opportunities I get to make a fool of myself.

At Young Life, we say "we take kids seriously but we don't take ourselves seriously at all." Sometimes I get to model this by running a camp or event as a goofy character. I love getting to put on an outrageous costume. I love writing jokes. I love entertaining. But most of all I love what this communicates. It lets me say "I don't take myself too seriously, so you don't have to take yourself too seriously; let loose, have fun, and be yourself." This message is important because it is how great conversations start.


I am very slowly working on a Master of Arts in Integrated Studies from Athabasca University. I am studying Work, Leadership, and Organisation. I am fascinated by how people organise themselves to accomplish a mission. I have been paying special attention to how the private, public, and non-profit sectors interact. I love seeing how varied organisations approach their missions and how they can complement or conflict with one another. It was this program that got me interested in running for Council. I have some goals I want to pursue for our community. But I am also just curious; I want to talk to the community and learn more about how it functions and dysfunctions. 

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