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Principles of Sustainable, Livable, Connected Cities

Since I moved to Grande Prairie, I have worked hard to make into an even better community. I ran for Council to deepen this work. What I hope to accomplish can be summed up by the words "sustainable, livable, and connected."

Sustainability means having the things we need to be healthy in the long term. This includes a smart and modern approach to regulation, reasonable taxation, and strong regional partnerships.

Livability means having the things we need to go about our lives. This includes safe communities and plenty of opportunities for work, education, and play.

Sustainability and livability are important because they give us capacity to become connected to where we live.

Connection is the primary principle I want to see strengthened in Grande Prairie. I want us to have lots of opportunity to meet and get to know our neighbours. I want to see non-profits thrive so we can come together as volunteers and connect with the causes we care about. I want to see the City of Grande Prairie be connected in healthy ways with its municipal neighbours. And I want to see Council connected with you so that you know what it is talking about and know you have real influence on Council decisions. 

Connection is important because it is what turns a city into a community. Connection is what makes a place feel like home.

Connection also contributes to sustainability and livability. It is one of the best tools we have in crime prevention and mental health, it helps us attract and retain the people we need to grow our economy, it creates the relationships necessary for business and social development, and a connected Council has the information it needs to make good decisions.

I have lots of ideas about "nuts and bolts" issues like roads, taxes, and recreational facilities. These are important things for Council to work on. However, my primary focus is on "how do we help Grande Prairie become more connected?"

Let me know what you think a sustainable, livable, and connected city looks like. Join a GP Round Table discussion online or in person. Details are here.

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