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Principles of Sustainable, Livable, Connected Cities

A city becomes a community when people are connected. Connection best happens in a sustainable and livable city.

Connection also stimulates sustainability and livability. When neighbours know each other, a community thrives. Connected neighbours provide each other with help- whether it is building a deck, contributing to mental health, or keeping an eye out for property crime. Connected neighbourhoods work together to advocate for good government policy. And connected communities create a climate where the non-profits which deliver vital services can thrive.


A sustainable city is one that:

  • Creates thoughtful fiscal policies and follows them with discipline
  • Maintains a realistic budget that returns excellent value to taxpayers
  • Partners with neighbouring municipalities to plan for the future, grow the regional economy, deliver services, and cost share
  • Thinks beyond the next election
  • Fosters diverse types of development which generate revenue for the city
  • Supports local businesses
  • Takes a sensible and modern approach to regulation
  • Limits red tape for business and development
  • Talks to its citizens about their needs and opportunities


A livable city is one that:

  • Has adequate and well maintained infrastructure
  • Ensures housing is available for people of all family situations and income levels
  • Gives citizens plenty of opportunity for work, education, and recreation
  • Has attractive, energetic and walkable residential, business, and entertainment districts
  • Creates parks, plazas, and other spaces for people to gather
  • Helps vulnerable people get and stay on their feet
  • Creates safe streets and neighbourhoods


A connected city is harder to define, but it is something most people want. In a connected city:

  • We know our neighbours
  • We have opportunities to make friends throughout the city
  • We know what is going on in our community
  • We say “I’m going home” when we come to GP—no matter where we grew up
  • We have freedom, resources, and partners to pursue the causes we are passionate about
  • We know what our government is up to
  • We know that our input influences government decisions

I have written more about sustainability, livability, and connection on the GP Round Table blog. Click a word to read a blog post that unpacks it.

Let me know what you think a sustainable, livable, and connected city looks like. Join a GP Round Table discussion online or in person. Details are here.

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