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2000 Doors!

Today I met one of my campaign goals: to knock on 2000 doors. With three weeks left, I look forward to knocking on hundreds more.

I believe in the importance of in-person conversation. I also believe that Councillors need to work hard to find and talk to people they might have few opportunities to interact with. So I knew door knocking would be a big part of my campaign. I knew that I wanted to give as many people as possible the chance to meet me.

What I didn't know was how much fun this would be. Some of the best lessons and insights I have received happened on a front step. I've had conversations that have made me laugh. I've had other conversations that have left me sad. I've had times when I have been made red in the face. I've also gathered some great stories.

I didn't want to keep these experiences to myself. I've been writing about them throughout my campaign; below are some links. Further down is one of the best stories I have- it happened the very first night I went out.

I'll also be publishing more stories every Sunday afternoon until the election.

My First Night of Door Knocking

At door number 17, a woman eagerly invited me into her house to “come meet everyone.” I was very hesitant, but she practically dragged me inside. Once I got in, a full room was looking at me awkwardly. The woman who dragged me in soon realized she made a mistake. She was expecting someone who she had never met before, and assumed I was him. After we figured this out, I was still invited to sit and have tea with everyone. We had a great conversation! I hope we can build a community where more people feel safe and excited enough to invite new people into their homes.

After this, I didn't know what to expect with over 1983 doors to go...

I actually had one other time when I mistakenly got invited into a house. A number of other people have intentionally invited me in for conversation. And hundreds upon hundreds more have been kind and engaged enough to chat with me on their front steps.

To everyone who has visited with me: thank you. Thank you for your wisdom and experience. Thank you for your encouragement. And thank you for caring enough about our community to talk.

To those whose doors I have not been to yet: I'd love to drop by. Send me a message and we can arrange a time.

On October 16th, I hope I have earned your vote. But no matter who you vote for, please continue to get involved in this conversation.