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Adventures in Door Knocking Pt. 2

When I was talking about door knocking today, somebody said “you’re addicted, aren’t you?” I sure am! I’ve learnt a lot and I have met some amazing people. I don’t want to keep the stories to myself. So here is are some of the people I have met.

Parks for Kids

An eight-but-nine-in-two-days year old who was part of the greeting committee at one door. I asked her what the best part of Grande Prairie was. She said “the big parks and the paths to ride my bike on.” I can’t disagree. I love our green spaces. They are important for exercise, aesthetics, and the environment. Most importantly, they are a place for our community to interact with one another. I hope we continue to invest in this little girl’s favourite part of Grande Prairie.


A Young Voter

A woman who was exactly eighteen years and one week old when I talked to her. She asked me some questions about recreational facilities in the City. She intended to follow the election. I hope what she sees is engaging enough that she votes for the first time!


A City to be Proud Of

A mother and daughter who were Permanent Residents working on citizenship. They can’t vote, but they are both working and volunteering in our community. I was excited to take time to hear their perspectives. I hope this is a city they can be proud citizens in.


A City of People

A woman told me she was brand new to GP. I asked where she was from, and she mentioned a small mountain town. I asked her what she missed. She said “the mountains and the people.” We can’t bring the mountains any closer. But I hope we can create a community where it is easy to make great friends.


In-Person Conversations

A guy told me “I know you- I followed you on Facebook an hour ago!” That was exciting to hear, but I am glad I also met him in person. Technology is great. It provides excellent opportunities for the City to communicate information. But at the same time, we can’t lose the face-to-face. I hope I get to be part of a Council which is doing a great job going out to listen to citizens.


Candidates are starting to get invited to a lot of events. So my door knocking is slowing down. But I am still getting out every single day. Today I hit 2180. I look forward to sharing more adventures next Sunday.