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Council's Work and a Pen

Just last week, I was door knocking. A senior gentleman took me for a tour of his wood shop. He knows he only has a few years left in his house with a work space. He dreads losing his hobby as has happened to so many of his friends. This senior’s big desire is to donate his tools to a shop available for public use. But he told me he was getting nowhere sharing his vision.

Engaging Our Young People

Engaging Our Young People

THE SHORT VERSION: Having a supportive and attractive community is important for our young people- they deserve a great community to grow up in. It is also important for our sustainability. For long term community health, we need to invest in our next generation of workers, business owners, volunteers, parents, and civic leaders. One of the best ways we can care for our youth is by giving them opportunities for engagement. I want to see this happen by involving them in City decisions, gathering accurate information about what is going on in their world, supporting the great youth organisations we have, and by giving young people opportunities to get involved in sport, recreation, and cultural activities. However, engagement is also about leadership. We need leaders who are optimistic about the future, who earn the right to lead young people, and who invite youth into the democratic process.