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Policies of Sustainable, Livable, Connected Cities

My goal is to have Grande Prairie become a more sustainable, livable, and connected city. To see what I mean by each of those words, click here.

I have written policy papers on a variety of topics. These are the most common issues people bring up with me. Do you have other policies you would like to see me write about? Let me know. Join a GP Round Table discussion or contact me here.

Of course, Council needs to consider many other issues too. Following are some other policies I support.


To maintain a sustainable city, I support:

  • Pursuing strategies to cut taxation. Ideas to explore include regional collaboration, zero based budgeting, priority based budgeting, and growing other sources of revenue. More information here.
  • Using savings from regional partnerships, annexation, and increased efficiency to lower taxes rather than increase spending
  • Policies that encourage industrial and commercial development. This includes streamlining regulatory processes.
  • Strengthening regional collaboration and our relationship with the County of Grande Prairie. More information here.


To strengthen a livable city, I support:

  • Strong advocacy to provincial and federal governments on behalf of Northwestern Alberta. Priorities should include twinning HWY 40, supporting our energy industry, granting GPRC polytechnic status, affordable housing, and resources to address our opiate crises.
  • Pursuing regional partnerships to implement Recreational Master Plan priorities.
  • Ensuring our City is accessible to all citizens. More information here.
  • Resourcing, monitoring, and when necessary updating our plan to end homelessness. More information here.
  • Dedicating greater resources to the Education and Engineering components of road safety. More information here.


To foster a connected city, I support:

  • Systems which involve citizens in major Council decisions. This includes making budget and operational information easy to find and digest.
  • Greater effort put into engaging young people in our community. More information here.
  • Partnerships with strategic non-profits who have strong community support and sensible business plans
  • Development of community park, recreation, and meeting spaces
  • Development and implementation of community mobility plans to encourage walkable communities
  • Continued support of Neighbourhood Associations

Let me know what policies you think will create a sustainable, livable, and connected Grande Prairie. Join a GP Round Table discussion online or in person. Details are here.

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