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Adventures in Door Knocking pt. 3

I have one more week of knocking on doors. I’m going to miss the great conversations I have had. Here is my latest batch of Adventures in Door Knocking to share.

A Kid Being Helped

A 62-year-old who was adopting a 7-month old. The baby belonged to a relative and was born with a drug addiction. He said “of course I was going to take her in, even if I’m too old for it.” This man was inspiring to me. I hope our community supports him and his adopted daughter as she grows.


Welcome to GP!

A man answered the door after stepping around a bunch of moving boxes. It turns out his family had only been here for a couple of weeks. I asked “what are your first impressions of GP?” They like it a lot. They especially appreciated how friendly people were. They also mentioned they loved that a candidate was personally knocking on their door- this was a first time experience for them. I hope I can be a part of a Council which gives lots of new people that kind of personal contact.


Saying Goodbye to GP

A man told me he was just about to move away. I asked “is there anything we could’ve done to keep you here?” He said “better health care”- it turns out he was leaving the province. Municipal governments don’t deliver health care. But a big part of Council’s job is lobbying higher levels of government to care for our citizens. I hope we can get better and better at helping the provincial and federal governments make Alberta and Canada great places to live.


Thinking of All Ages

A woman talked to me for a long time about the troubles of finding help for her aging and struggling father. She feels like there are not enough services available for him. We are a young city, we pride ourselves on doing a lot for children, and as a father of young kids I appreciate this. But I hope we don’t forget about our other important demographics as we build this community


A big thank you to everyone who has talked to me on their steps. If I haven’t been to your door yet and you want to chat, send me a private message- I’d love to drop by.