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Talking to People Who Can't Vote

Standing on doorsteps, I’ve had many long conversations with people who can’t vote. They have had great insights I was thankful to hear.

I met a recent refugee to Canada. She loves her new home. Her top priority is having security and opportunity for her children.

I met a seventeen-year-old whose birthday is Oct 21. He likes it here. He is disappointed that he will have to leave town to finish his education.

I met a man heading to Ontario for a funeral. He had great neighbours ready to look after his place. He is missing his chance to vote, but is concerned about his high tax bill.

I met a mother and daughter who are Permanent Residents awaiting citizenship. They have found meaning and friendships through volunteer work. They want to see the non-profits they are involved with thrive.

I met a grade six student who was excited to talk. She loves our parks. She wants to be sure they continue to receive care and investment.

I met a woman who moved to Alberta last month. She is enjoying living near her grandkids. She wants this to be an excellent place for them to grow up.

These people love this place. They want it to thrive. They see opportunities and challenges coming before us. They want a Council which is up to the job. But they don’t get a vote. So we need to pick a great team on their behalf.

Today you can vote at City Hall from 11:00 am until 7:00 pm. On Monday, you can vote at your regular polling station between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm. Don’t forget a piece of ID or mail with your name and address. To find more information, including where your station is, visit

For the sake of our entire community, please get out and vote. I know a few people who will be cheering you on, wishing they could do it too.