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hard work

Managing a Huge Summer Camp

I don't do anything in half measures. It just isn't in my personality. This means that since launching in April, I have put a lot of into work into campaigning. So the day after knocking on my 1000th door (, I took a few weeks well deserved weeks away from the campaign.But I didn't go on vacation. I went away to manage a summer camp: RockRidge Canyon. This camp is a huge property which has over 400 people on site at any given time in the summer. Providing leadership to an operation of this scale is quite the undertaking!

1000 Doors!

1000 Doors!

Today I knocked on my 1000th door. And what an adventure it has been! I’ve been dragged into a party when someone mistook me for the guest of honor. I’ve found myself standing in a stranger’s basement helping them haul a couch out. I’ve been given the best homemade baklava I have ever tasted. I’ve been taken on a garden tour and given some great tips. I’ve had to decline an invite into a hot tub. I’ve happily accepted an invitation to sit around a campfire. Along the way, I have met some fascinating people...